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Web applications, Mobile applications, E-commerce, Web design

Internet applications

Are you looking for a scalable solution for your business? Do you need a dedicated ERP or CRM system? Or maybe you are looking for dedicated software in the SaaS model? Automation and optimization of processes is our specialty. We will analyze your needs and create a system that will help you achieve your business goals!

Mobile applications

Your customers spend more and more time using their smartphones? Be closer to them and create a mobile app for iOS and/or Android with us. Our apps are functional, intuitive and loved by users!
From the idea, through the implementation, into App Store and Google Play!

Consulting IT

Developing complex architecture of systems and databases. Application quality audit, code audit.
Creation and analysis of specifications and documentation.
Overtaking and fixing already stared projects.
Server configuration, IT system implementations.
Security of servers, systems, applications. Implementation of the AML & KYC procedure.

Consulting IT

Opracowanie architektury systemów, baz danych.
Audyt jakościowy aplikacji, audyt kodu
Tworzenie i/lub analiza: specyfikacji, dokumentacji
Dokończenie rozpoczętego projektu IT
Konfiguracja serwera, wdrożenia systemów IT
Bezpieczeństwo serwerów, systemów, aplikacji w tym wdrożenia procedury AML & KYC
model MVC, CQRS Multi Buses - model segregation

Outsourcing IT

Posiadamy doświadczony zespół front-end i back-end developerów. Pracujemy w metodyce Agile - dzięki temu masz wpływ na projekt na każdym etapie jego tworzenia. Ponieważ rozliczamy się tylko za przepracowany czas, możesz zaoszczędzić na budowaniu własnego zespołu IT.

Web design

The website is your business card so it is worth to entrust its creation to specialists.
Our websites are distinguished not only by their aesthetics and care for UX (User Experience) but also by their optimized structure, content and internal linking that will enable you to effectively position yourself in search engines. (SEO)


Need an online store with a high conversion rate? We will select the best solution for you, optimize your shopping basket and purchase process so that you do not lose customers. We will implement up-selling and cross-selling solutions so that you can earn even more!

Outsourcing IT

We have an experienced front-end and back-end team of developers. We work in Agile methodology - thanks to that you control your project at every stage of its creation. Because we only charge for the time you work, you can save on building your own IT team.


PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Sylius), Node.js, Angular (JS & 2-7), React Native, JavaScript, jQuery, Firebase, Google Cloud, Express.js, Ionic, HTML, Sass, WordPress, WooCommerce, Blockchain

Success is a mixture of few things. Hard work, experience, cooperation and innovation are among them for sure. And we will give them all to you.

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